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6 Reasons You Should Journal: The Benefits of Journaling



There are so many benefits to journaling daily from health to personal growth. Here we will focus on the ones most relating to goal setting and success.

There are different ways to journal. You can either free-write which involves writing anything that comes into your head without editing it or you can follow journal prompts and questions to give you inspiration.

1. Focus and Clarity

Journaling about your goals and ambitions can help to remind you what you’re working towards, explore exactly what it is you want and be clear on what you need to do to get there.


2. Reduces stress and anxiety

A helpful tool for those who feel overwhelmed, journaling can be a source of peace. Sometimes it helps to brain dump all your thoughts onto paper. Other times it can be helpful to think logically and come up with solutions to problems you’re facing.


3. Learn from mistakes and experiences

Sometimes we make mistakes. It’s part of life and essential to growth. But that is only true if we learn from them. Reflecting and writing about mistakes and things that have happened to afterwards can help you to analyse what went wrong and stop it from happening again.


4. Helps you sleep

You know that feeling when you need to sleep but you have 5000 ideas, thoughts and worries all swirling around in your brain? Journaling just before bed can help you to relieve your mind of these thoughts so you can think about them in the morning and get a good night’s sleep.


5. Help build self awareness

One of the major habits of very successful people is a commitment to self-awareness and personal growth. Journaling is a powerful way to get to know yourself. Journal prompts are a great way to do this.


6. Promotes gratitude

Another habit of powerful and successful people is daily gratitude. You can write in your journal all the things that you are thankful for and recognise what you have already achieved.

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