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About Athena | Our Vision For A Female Future

 We are Athena London. We design luxury stationery for a new era of young women who are carving their own paths in an ever evolving world. 

Our parents and grandparent’s generations followed the roadmap to life. They got good grades in school, went to university, got a good job and bought a house. This guideline no longer guarantees what it once did. 

The world is changing rapidly and there is no longer a predetermined path to a comfortable and successful life.

People are earning a generous living on websites and platforms that didn’t even exist when we were in school. College dropouts are making billions building the latest app. Children are making YouTube videos reviewing toys and making millions.

The rules have changed. It’s time we re-wrote the rule book.

Athena London is the voice of innovation in an industry which has long since outgrown the Rolodex and address book era but has yet to find a modern alternative in a technology addicted world. Intrinsically linked with art, culture and literature, Athena London is an interactive narrative: an intellectual conversation between brand and customer. A two way "Edutainment" platform which utilises the power of social media and modern connectivity, whilst simultaneously leveraging the unparalleled benefits of analog pen and paper. 

Founded on the principle of  effortlessly fusing opposing forces to consolidate the most powerful elements from each, Athena London blends the intricate details and elegance of a bygone era  with the smooth lines of modern minimalism. A contemporary take on what is often now considered an outdated industry, Athena London takes conceptions of what stationery means and flips them on their head.  A seamless marriage of beauty and function that work together in harmony and pluck elements from both the classic and the contemporary -

Athena London is the rebirth of stationery for the new generation.