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The True Cost of Being Broke: How Childhood Money Issues Affect Our Adult Finances

The True Cost of Being Broke: How Childhood Money Issues Affect Our Adult Finances Living in poverty or struggling financially can have a significant impact on our mental and emotional well-being. Financial stress can be a constant source of worry and anxiety, leading to physical symptoms such as headaches, difficulty sleeping, and even depression. The psychological effects of financial insecurity can also affect our relationships, making it harder to maintain healthy connections with others. Additionally, the stigma and shame associated with being broke or living in poverty can be isolating, making it harder to reach out for help and support. The Traumas of Poverty  Growing up in poverty can be a traumatic experience, and it can have long-lasting effects on...

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From Designer Handbags to Personal Growth: Why Investing in Yourself is the Ultimate Luxury

Have you ever caught yourself unconsciously splurging on things that you don't necessarily need or on leisurely activities? Perhaps you think nothing of dropping £80 on drinks during a night out, or £200 on a fast fashion haul. Maybe you're a regular at Starbucks, spending £100 a month on coffee alone. It's easy to fall into the trap of spending without thinking, but have you ever considered why it feels like such a big investment to pay for a course, mentor, or productivity tools? The truth is, our mindset and self-image play a crucial role in how much we're willing to spend on ourselves. We often spend money on external validation, such as luxury handbags or expensive meals at restaurants,...

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The 5 Most Common Signs of Burnout (and what to do about it)

The 5 Most Common Signs of Burnout (and what to do about it) If you’re feeling like you’re on a treadmill, unable to keep going on it and yet unable to step off, you might be experiencing burnout.  Trouble concentrating, sleeping, and physical ailments appearing - frequent colds and feeling fatigued all the time - are all indicators that you need to take a break. Hustle culture has us all feeling overworked and stressed.   Pushing on without taking a break can cause you to develop much more serious problems in the long run, such as cancer or autoimmune conditions.  It can seriously affect your mental health too, causing deep anxiety and a feeling of helplessness.  To be clear, if...

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Why We Are Opting Out Of Black Friday Deals

Here at Athena London, we are dedicated to creating a revolutionary retailer with as little environmental damage as possible. For this reason we have decided to opt out of offering any Black Friday deals or discounts in an effort to encourage more responsible consumer behaviours. We choose not to discount our products for any purpose other than a personal referral code (Link, ALUMNI) so as not to devalue the magic of our products and to show respect to our loyal customers who believe in our business enough to purchase at full price. Don't Wait: Order An Aspira© Planner Today The environmental impact of Black Friday The impact of Black Friday deals is much larger than you might think. From the...

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