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The 5 Most Common Signs of Burnout (and what to do about it)

The 5 Most Common Signs of Burnout (and what to do about it) If you’re feeling like you’re on a treadmill, unable to keep going on it and yet unable to step off, you might be experiencing burnout.  Trouble concentrating, sleeping, and physical ailments appearing - frequent colds and feeling fatigued all the time - are all indicators that you need to take a break. Hustle culture has us all feeling overworked and stressed.   Pushing on without taking a break can cause you to develop much more serious problems in the long run, such as cancer or autoimmune conditions.  It can seriously affect your mental health too, causing deep anxiety and a feeling of helplessness.  To be clear, if...

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5 Steps To Setting Quarterly Goals That Actually Work

Ever set yourself some personal or business goals only to forget all about them until the moment you realised you never met them? Here are 5 steps using the Goalology Method, designed exclusively for Athena London, that will guide you through the secrets of setting goals that change your life. Achieving your objectives is simple using smart goal techniques and progress trackers for both your short and long term personal goals.

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