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6 Things you need to do at the end of each month

Want to have the most productive and organised month? These are the 6 essential steps that will help you to analyse your past performance and prepare you for a successful month ahead.

1. Review the last month

  • Reflect on the goals you set for the month. If you didn't meet them, what got in your way?
  • What will you do better next month?
  • What were your biggest successes of the month?
  • What were the problems you faced? What caused them? What can you do to try to prevent them happening again?

2. Set up next month

  • Fill in any key dates such as events, birthdays or anniversaries
  • Fill in any appointments or commitments
  • Add financial events such as payments due or payday.
  • Make a note of any reminders for the month

3. Set clear goals for the coming month

  • What is the focus of this month?
  • What steps need to be taken to help you make progress on reaching your big goals?
  • What will you learn this month?
  • What will you work on improving?
  • What tasks need to be done?
  • What will you do less of?

4. Review last month's finances

  • How much did you earn last month?
  • How much did you spend?
  • What did you spend it on?
  • How much did you save and what is your new savings balance?
  • What did you overspend on? Why did this happen? How can you stop it happening again next month?
  • What emotions persuaded you to part with your money this month? Were they healthy intentions?

5a. Set financial goals and budgets for next month

  • Give yourself a budget for main categories
  • Record any bills or regular payments you're expecting and when they are due
  • Set some financial goals for the month 

5b. Financial Goal Examples

  • Spend less than £100 on Eating Out
  • Make coffee at home every day instead of buying from coffee shop
  • Save £200 in ISA
  • Make an extra £300 income from overtime

6. Update highlights of the year

Record memories of your favourite moments of the month so that you can look back on them at the end of the year.


Have a wonderful month! 

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