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8 Questions to ask yourself to help you prioritise your tasks:

Begin by brain dumping everything you need to get done on paper. Then ask yourself these 8 questions for each task. You'll find it much easier to determine where to start and what can wait!
  1. If i don’t complete this task today, what will happen?
  2. Is this something that has to be done by me? Could I delegate it to anyone else to save time?
  3. Is this something I’m good at? Could I delegate this to someone who can do it better than I can?
  4. Does this really need to be done? Is it a must or a would be nice?
  5. When does this task need to be completed? Do I have other tasks with a more urgent deadline?
  6. How long will this task realistically take me?
  7. Will finishing this task have a big impact on my work or goals?
  8. Will doing this task help me to complete other tasks faster in the near future? (eg planning or preparation)

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