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What is the point of an undated planner?

If you’re looking for a new weekly or monthly planner, you might be struggling with the age-old debate of “Which is better - dated or undated planners?” While there are benefits to both, here at Athena London we are strong believers in the power of an undated planner. Here’s why. 

Less Waste

  • Zero Waste
  • Only use the pages in your planner when you need them. That means less thrown away which is better for the environment (Just imagine how many dated 2020 planners ended up in the bin!).

  • Cost Effective 
  • Less wasted pages are also better for your pockets. Get the most out of your undated agendas by using every single page you’ve paid for.


  • Start any time
  • Using an undated planner means there’s no need to wait for the new year to start. No “I’ll start next month” excuses, no buying a calendar or planner and having to start it half way through and waste the rest.

  • Pause any time
  • Let’s be honest, there will be times in the year when you need a break. If you take some time off, go away on holiday or just don’t feel like it - you can pause your non-dated planner and pick it up again when you’re ready. That means no guilt for not using it or for wasting pages.

  • Work & Play
  • Using an undated planner allows you to customise it specifically to your needs. If you have work and personal tasks and don’t want to mix the two, an undated planner means you can split it half and half instead of carrying two diaries around with you everywhere.

  • Make it your year
  • While most dated planners follow the calendar year, using an undated diary means you can adapt it to cover the academic year (perfect for students, teachers and parents), the tax year (great for business owners, entrepreneurs or those who work in the finance sector), or a mid year reset that starts whenever you feel like you need it. Whatever works for you.

    The Aspira Planner is a 12 month undated planner with 52 week-to-view vertical spreads.

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