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Our Mission

Our mission is to do our part to build a world in which our daughters turn on the news and hear about female scientists making breakthrough discoveries, female presidents confidently leading nations and the first woman walking on the moon.

A world in which women are represented in business, politics, STEM and where women hold powerful positions of leadership and influence as the norm.

A world in which our daughters never have to face criticisms for taking charge, for being kind or for requesting equal pay. A world in which no woman or girl has to fight for respect or to be taken seriously, where every woman and girl has the opportunities and resources she needs in order to reach her fullest potential.

Our vision is to create a tool for women with ambition who are leveraging the freedom granted by our ever evolving world. To provide a product and a resource library that will guide them through the process of forging their own path in the face of uncertainty.

To create a medium rather than a retailer: a resource of knowledge, wisdom and support for a community of like minded individuals.

To celebrate the achievements of women who have and are changing the world. To use our platform to allow inspiring women to share their experiences, advice and mentorship to others.

To create an Athena universe, whether physical or digital, where inspiration is abundant.