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Manifest your greatest desires using methods backed by neuroscience.

Manifestations aren't working?

Want to make a vision board but not sure where to start?

Don't know what you should be putting on your vision board?

Learn the secrets of effective vision boards and explore the goals you want to achieve.


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Using a vision board will help you to:


Stay motivated as you work towards your goals.


Increase your chances of success.


Remind you of your "why" on those hard days.


Reprogram your brain for success.


Become more confident and comfortable with the idea of success.


Overcome negative beliefs or limiting mindsets that are holding you back.


Stay on track and make decisions that align you with your goals.


Unlock your full potential.

What's Included

60 Page PDF Document

8 Pages of Printable Worksheets (with examples)

6 Vision Board Examples to inspire you

Covers topics:

  • What is a vision board?
  • How a vision board will help you.
  • What is the science behind vision boards?
  • What your vision board should include.
  • Where you can find the resources you need to create your vision board.


Vision Board Ideas

Explore all the categories


Inspire yourself

Limiting Beliefs

Explore your limiting beliefs and how you can overcome them


Breakdown your goals into key milestones to help you visualise the journey of reaching your goals.

Vision Board Summary

Before you start putting together your board, plot out the purpose of your vision board

Financial Breakdown

Calculate how much it will cost you to reach your goals and put together a timeline plan to earn or save that amount.

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